Thursday, February 8, 2018

Five Minute Friday - Privilege

For those who are unfamiliar, Five Minute Friday is a group of writers who join in a virtual community each week to share their thoughts on a single-word prompt.  I find the community to be supportive, wonderfully diverse in perspective and incredibly thoughtful.  So, I join them this week in writing about the prompt - Privilege.

Privilege is such a difficult thing to really come to grips with in our lives.  We all struggle in some ways and often times that struggle makes us forget all the gifts we have been given and are able to take advantage of on a daily basis.  And when we lose something or lack something, the first thing that tends to go out the door is our gratitude and appreciation for what we have.  I have a gratitude journal but it often requires me to really think about the day to come up with something to appreciate.  Despite the fact that every day with my DD is a gift beyond imagination. Her many medical issues over the years have made her presence not something to be taken for granted.  My job and health care that comes along with it that allows us to give her the best medical care possible is also something that can not be taken for granted.  And yet, I find myself unhappy, frustrated, jealous, wanting for more.  It is human, this desire to want more or to want what others have and we do not.  But, it is not divine.  It is not what I want to strive for or what I want to represent my life's desire.  No, for that, I want to aim higher.  I want to strive to want what I have and to care for it like the amazing gift that it is.  I want to appreciate what I have and what other's have, for their gifts may be different but are certainly no greater than the gifts we have received.  There is no greater gift than the life of a loved one.  But, for our gift, for our privilege, someone else had to lose that gift.  They suffer a loss.  We are the privileged ones who get to live out a life with our loved one.  I'm not sure how to reconcile that with my darker moods and my feelings of lack other than to simply say, I am flawed. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Five Minute Friday, I too keep a gratitude journal and some days are certainly harder to be thankful for than others, but all of them are a gift and what an incredible way to aim to live, to be thankful and appreciative of the privilege we have to share it with those we love, a gift that many others don't. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for my privileges in life, not just to recognise them.

    Em from your FMF friend :).


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