Sunday, February 18, 2018

Living Life with Love - A Call To Action

So. much. anger.  That is what I see and witness and read about and hear in the world.  It is an angry place.  People seek to destroy, to retaliate with bigger and worse actions, and to make others feel small or fearful.  We witness the results on our TV screens and our news feeds.  We witness the results in our damaged children and weeping mothers.  And sometimes it feels as if it will only continue to get worse.  More anger, more damage, more weeping. 

But, I'm going to refuse to believe that that is our only birthright.  I'm going to refuse to believe that we can't do better.  I'm going to refuse to believe that we can't change the tone of this world.  Because if I don't refuse to believe that, then my only future is one of pain and suffering.  My daughter's only future is one of pain and suffering.  And I can't believe that is all we have.

So, what is the answer?  I am not really sure.  It isn't a simple one for the world.  I do know that.  These are complex problems with deep-seeded reasoning and hidden factors along the way.  But, personally, there is a more simple answer.  Live life with love.  That's it.  Just go and live life with love at the forefront of all actions, all decisions, and all thoughts.  I'm not saying it is easy.  Just simple.  When you are setting out each morning, look for opportunities to love others and yourself.  When an opportunity arises to show love to someone, show it.  When you think about what you can do in the world to make it a better place, be sure to look for things that focus on giving love to the world and the people in it, not attacking someone or something.  Just that little shift in perspective can change the way we approach problems, approach people, and approach planning. 

The world is not going to stop being angry just because we focus on living life with love.  People will still seek to destroy, to retaliate with bigger and worse actions and to make others feel small and fearful.  But, by living with love, we can seek to protect and rebuild where necessary, to resist temptations to retaliate and instead focus on paying the good in our lives forward, and finally to make others feel larger than life and secure in themselves.  By doing that, we are forming the forcefield of love against this angry and destructive world.  By doing that, we may pull some into the good light who would otherwise have been lost in the dark.  By doing that, we may start to turn things around, even if it is just in our small circles of community. 

So, tomorrow, Monday, February 19, 2018, my daughter's ninth birthday, I will celebrate her life and her gift of life by living my life with love every chance I get.  I will look for the opportunities to be the light in a dark world.  I will look for opportunities to love others and myself.  I will look for the opportunities that focus on paying it forward, building the community, making connections and above all, living life with love always. 

Will you join me?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Five Minute Friday - Privilege

For those who are unfamiliar, Five Minute Friday is a group of writers who join in a virtual community each week to share their thoughts on a single-word prompt.  I find the community to be supportive, wonderfully diverse in perspective and incredibly thoughtful.  So, I join them this week in writing about the prompt - Privilege.

Privilege is such a difficult thing to really come to grips with in our lives.  We all struggle in some ways and often times that struggle makes us forget all the gifts we have been given and are able to take advantage of on a daily basis.  And when we lose something or lack something, the first thing that tends to go out the door is our gratitude and appreciation for what we have.  I have a gratitude journal but it often requires me to really think about the day to come up with something to appreciate.  Despite the fact that every day with my DD is a gift beyond imagination. Her many medical issues over the years have made her presence not something to be taken for granted.  My job and health care that comes along with it that allows us to give her the best medical care possible is also something that can not be taken for granted.  And yet, I find myself unhappy, frustrated, jealous, wanting for more.  It is human, this desire to want more or to want what others have and we do not.  But, it is not divine.  It is not what I want to strive for or what I want to represent my life's desire.  No, for that, I want to aim higher.  I want to strive to want what I have and to care for it like the amazing gift that it is.  I want to appreciate what I have and what other's have, for their gifts may be different but are certainly no greater than the gifts we have received.  There is no greater gift than the life of a loved one.  But, for our gift, for our privilege, someone else had to lose that gift.  They suffer a loss.  We are the privileged ones who get to live out a life with our loved one.  I'm not sure how to reconcile that with my darker moods and my feelings of lack other than to simply say, I am flawed. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

First and Only Child, Second Heart Mom

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

I am a first-time (and only-time) mom with a miracle daughter who had a heart transplant at 5 months old.  She is now almost nine years old and doing wonderfully (knock on some wood).  Life with any eight-year-old is not easy, I'm sure.  But, life with an immune-compromised, anxiety-suffering, giggle-inducing eight-year-old is a special kind of challenge. 

I am also a college instructor, a Girl Scout troop leader, a small zookeeper (6 pets), a housecleaner (not a very good one), an absent-minded almost fifty-year-old who has way too much to do. 

So, some of my blog posts will focus on the Second Heart part - transplants, medical news, pediatric illness, etc.  Some of my blog will focus on the Mom part - balancing all the things, teaching my DD to be a good person, managing our household (when I remember to), etc.  Some of it will focus on encouragement to others out there who need some hope, some help or some hack!

I'll jump into a regular blog schedule on February 1.  February is the month my DD was born, so it seems the perfect time to start this blog.  Join us as I figure out how to make this Second Heart Mom life work!

Living Life with Love - A Call To Action

So. much. anger.  That is what I see and witness and read about and hear in the world.  It is an angry place.  People seek to destroy, to re...